Whole-life discipleship

  • A “bibliography of bibliographies” by Steve Bishop

  • I was challenged by some questions posed in an article published in the December 2008 edition of eg by The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. "In the aftermath of the credit crunch, Mark Greene wonders what lessons we will have to learn about transforming our society and the organisations we engage with."

  • "This website offers insights and resources to help you prepare to represent Christ where you work."

  • The Western world generally regards religion as a marginalised affair of little or no relevance to public life. This paper argues that this assessment is correct and reflects a massive failure of Christian discipleship. Many churches have been so influenced by modern worldliness that they have lost key elements of Gospel distinctiveness. The paper examines both the secular influences and Biblical teaching in order to suggest first steps towards a re-establishment of effective Christian discipleship.

  • As Christians, how do we define the Great Commission? This task, given by the risen, victorious Christ to his disciples, is correctly understood to be the definitive mission statement for the Church. As such, rightly understanding the Great Commission is of utmost importance for every Christian. Yet there are significant differences on how it is understood. How, for example, do we know when it has been accomplished? Christians don't measure the completion of this task in the same way, and the differences aren't trivial.

  • "Partnering with Christian schools to help them discover, embrace and live out their God ordained purpose.”

  • supporting-christians-at-work-mark-greeneI rarely remember exactly when an idea is planted in my mind even if it eventually produces huge shifts in my thinking, but I remember reading the “red book”---Supporting Christians at Work by Mark Greene. I’d been thinking about how education related to the to God’s Word and plan–I was a teacher, after all. However, I really hadn’t thought about all the other vocations that God also wants to use to honor Him and serve others. This book and a subsequent visit to the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity began a paradigm shift that has huge implications for the educator who has the responsibility/opportunity to introduce their pupils to so many vocations and their place in the big picture of God’s kingdom building work using ordinary people made new by Christ’s redeeming and the Holy Spirit’s indwelling work.

    I’ve been reading and thinking about the importance of our “workview”—our perspective of one of the most significant portions of our lives—so was excited to hear about a new six-session DVD resource for small groups to inspire and equip Christians to make a difference on their Frontlines.

    To get a taste of the content, check out

  • 在我们的社会中,学者、老师和助教老师身处变革的第一线。一些强大的力量正在影响着我们的孩子和青年。媒体和市场在争夺孩子和青年的注意力,也在抓住每一 个机会来塑造他们的感觉和决定。家长、同伴以及社会团体在不同且相冲突的方向上“抢夺”着他们。而在这其中,面对对自身角色各种不同的期望——这些期望甚 至是相冲突的,教育者深处挣扎之中。他们被期望能够帮助学生在不同中找到意义,对此做出合适的回应并为未来的不确定性做好准备。

"Why don't the names of Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius offend people? The reason is that these others didn't claim to be God, but Jesus did."

Josh McDowell




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