Teachers are needed

  • 100s of millions have no school teachers at all.
  • “Everyone” is unsatisfied with minimal formal education because education is seen as the only hope for a better future, especially if it includes English.
  • Billions are taught by teachers who believe in false gods, no god, an irrelevant god, or a god that is only interested in a small part of life.
  • Millions of Christian children and youth are becoming like their dedicated, gifted, but godless teachers whose lives communicate that meaning and success in life can be achieved without Christ.

Teachers make a difference

Imagine a country where a third of all children are enrolled in schools where they are taught to relate their faith to all of life. Thousands of small schools provide free education, free lodging and free food to poor children for whom there is no hope within the public system. Well-funded flagship schools provide opportunities for large numbers to be well-trained as leaders in their communities and nation. Image the difference such a system makes as foreign believers commit their resources to help needy people. Lives are eternally impacted by teachers who share their understanding of God’s nature and ways.

Could it ever happen? Is it possible in this secularized world to imagine such a powerful system to impact people? It is happening today in the madrasas (religious schools) of Pakistan and the Middle East as a whole generation of children and young people are taught the Koran and the principles of Islam, and they are changing the political landscape of the world.

1500 years ago missionary teachers transformed Western civilization as Irish monks taught Europe the Scriptures as central to understanding everything.

In the past two centuries Christian teachers have been instrumental in opening whole nations to the Gospel by shaping the thinking of leaders.

The world needs teachers who have been transformed by their relationship to God so that they can be used by Him in transforming students who in turn will become the transformers of their world.

Transforming Teachers

Many doubt the relevance of Christ because Christians have only talked about the Bible and allowed anyone else to teach everything else. Teachers are needed who understand that personally knowing the Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer is essential to understanding His world. God and His Word must be connected to our study of God’s world. Lives will be transformed when God is acknowledged as central to all aspects of life here and now, as well as in eternity.

All Christian teachers everywhere including parents, pastors, children and youth workers need to be involved. Because so many have learned from their teachers to ignore Christ in their classrooms, teachers need help to become the kind of transforming teachers that will prepare by example and instruction the leaders of tomorrow.

Jesus told us to make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey everything He has commanded… so who isn’t called to be a teacher?

Our Vision

Children and young people of the world relating all of life and learning to Christ and the Bible—just like their teachers.

Our Mission

Mobilizing and equipping teachers around the world who are called by Christ, committed to discipleship, and competent to integrate everything they teach with the truth of God’s Word—Great Commission teachers planting tomorrow’s churches today.

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