Beyond Numbers: A Practical Guide to Teaching Math Biblically

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Title:      Beyond Numbers: A Practical Guide to Teaching Math Biblically
Categories:      Biblical Integration
BookID:      139
Authors:      Katherine Loop
ISBN-10(13):      097736111X
Publisher:      Christian Perspective
Publication date:      2005
Number of pages:      100
Language:      English
Price:      999.11 USD
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Product Description
Math does not have to be hard or difficult to understand. Nor do we as Christians have to settle for viewing it the same way the world does. Beyond Numbers exposes the spiritual harm in today's math presentations and shows how math is really an exciting testimony to God's faithfulness and is an incredible, God-given tool. The second half of the book walks through teaching math biblically, covering everything from curriculum choice to overcoming obstacles. Written in a straightforward, non-technical manner, this book is perfect for homeschool parents and anyone else who wants to view or teach math biblically. James D. Nickel, professor of mathematics and author of Mathematics: Is God Silent?, said, "The book is a great, general-purpose introduction for a typical parent." Sandra A. Lovelace, homeschool pioneer, speaker and author, and International Consultant with HSLDA made the following statement: "Every homeschooling parent, every Christian teacher, and maybe every Christian who uses mathematics ought to read this book." Homeschool mothers have found the book delightfully easy to read and encouraging. One mother explains, "As a homeschooling mom committed to teaching my children to love God whole-heartedly, I was startled to find I had unconsciously accepted math as a spiritually neutral...I believe every Christian teacher who reads Beyond Numbers will be challenged to rethink his/her assumptions about math, and will be motivated, as I am, to find new ways to present math facts, concepts and principles biblically."


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