The Post Christian Mind: Exposing Its Destructive Agenda

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Title:      The Post Christian Mind: Exposing Its Destructive Agenda
Categories:      Christ-in worldview
BookID:      5
Authors:      Harry Blamires
ISBN-10(13):      1569551421
Publisher:      Vine Books
Publication date:      1999-05
Number of pages:      209
Language:      English
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Description:      “‚Ķexposes the agenda of the secular mind that seems determined to destroy the church and civilization itself”

Product Description
In his classic book, Harry Blamires defined and explained the essential qualities of The Christian Mind. Here he exposes the agenda of the secular mind, vividly describing the way the media is trashing Christian principles in every area of life-human rights, marriage, family, morality, health, economy, environment, politics. "What we need," says Blamires, "is a Christian backlash, a vigorous reponse to the new paganism of the contemporary world." "Like C.S. Lewis, his teacher at Oxford and later his friend, Harry Blamires has written prolifically, from textbooks in his professional field to Christian fantasy novels and diagnostic apologies for mainstream faith. His constant concern as a literary disciple is to display and defend the Christian way of thinking in a non-thinking world. "The Post-Christian Mind is true journalism . . . shrewd reporting of what people around us think and do, with interactive comment offered on a basis of common humanity, common sense, and Christian insight. . . The masterful clarity and precision of the analysis offers wisdom for us all." - J.I. Packer, author of Knowing God Review
Since the days when Harry Blamires sat amid the smoke of his tutor and friend C.S. Lewis, the world has changed--and not, he believes, for the better. British society no longer has at its foundation the Judeo-Christian system of belief. Traditional values are undermined continually, as we witness attacks (especially from the media) on cherished notions of family, morality, sexuality, and marriage. And the church's response? Blamires is withering as he castigates "trendy vicars" for pandering to the whims of the novel.

"What we need," he declares, "is a Christian backlash, a vigorous response to the new paganism of the contemporary world." He pulls no punches as he seeks to describe and expose what he terms the emerging "post-Christian mind." While many argue that tolerance is essential to a healthy multiculturalism, Blamires disagrees. "The need for living harmoniously in society along with people of other faiths has encouraged a pluralism which saps confidence in the imperatives of the Christian revelation."

As he lambastes the emerging "culture of rights" and critiques contemporary perceptions of democracy, freedom, the "body beautiful," and economics, the danger is that Blamires might sound like the old man in the pub who can't stop talking about the good old days. But read closer, and you will find many fresh observations from someone who believes strongly in, and has thought hard about, what he is saying. Whether you agree with him or not, it is vital to consider where we propose to derive our values and ethics in a post-Christian society. This is certainly an explosive place to start. --Brian Draper,


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