Teaching Science so That Students Learn Science

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Title:      Teaching Science so That Students Learn Science
Categories:      Christ-in education
BookID:      142
Authors:      John D. Mays
ISBN-10(13):      0615335993
Publisher:      Novare Science and Math
Publication date:      2009
Edition:      1st
Number of pages:      142
Language:      English
Price:      17.00 USD
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Product Description
From the forward by Charles T. Evans: This book is written for teachers of science. If you teach in a Christian school, Mays will help you to bring together the underlying theological issues that arise in science with a method that improves your students' grasp of the discipline and their competence in applying it. Even if you don't teach in a Christian school, this book can provide a roadmap out of the malaise of teaching science with little discernible effect on the majority of students. But this is also a book for people who care deeply about Christian education, generally. Mays blends pre-modern ideas about the natural world with disciplined attention to standard scientific practices. He defines what the goals of teaching science should be. And he clearly knows what he is talking about. From Teaching Science so that Students Learn Science: "Many students complete their high school programs knowing very little about science. Of course, this problem in not at all unique to Christian schools, but represents an educational crisis affecting our entire nation and threatening our technological leadership. This needs to change, and I have written this book in an effort to summarize pedagogical principles that are effective in enabling change to happen in the way our students are taught science and what they are expected to learn. Chapter titles: 1. Core Principles for Instruction in Science 2. Truth and Facts 3. What is Science? 4. The Cycle of Scientific Enterprise 5. Verbal Matters 6. Quantitative Matters 7. Science as a Cumulative Discipline 8. Grammar School and the Science Curriculum 9. Laboratory Work and Lab Reports 10. Making History Work in Your High School Class 11. Dealing with Evolution


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