Church planting

  • TT.gifReal missionaries plant churches–True or False? Now there is a question to promote missiological discussion–or just plain arguments! True–according to many of the mission committees making decisions about who receives financial support from their congregations. False–according to many individuals and organizations involved in an incredible array of activities motivated by their love of Christ and their love of those made in His image. So, how would a missionary teacher with 27 years of experience in a mission known for evangelism answer the question? Most likely with another question! What do we mean when we say “plant churches?”

"Teach us to study the work of Thy hands that we may subdue the earth to our uses, and strengthen our reason for Thy service; and so rescue Thy blessed Word, that we may believe on Him whom Thou hast sent to give us the knowledge of salvation and the remission of our sins.

James Clerk Maxell




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