• “Universities Canada [UC]is the association that governs Canadian universities, large and small. They've amended their governing bylaws in a way that pressures the hard-won religious freedom of faith-based universities. Universities Canada has done this behind closed doors, heading toward a vote in October [2016]. Using anti-discrimination bylaws to discriminate and exclude isn't right. It's a denial of religious freedom and, what's worse for the body that governs universities, it puts a chill on academic freedom.”

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    "Charter jurisprudence and statutory law at least attempt a balance, even if it's not always successful. The proposed UC membership bylaw seeks no balance…. It actually creates inequality precisely on the basis of religious belief.

    The secular behemoths that dominate our university scene will be untouched by this bylaw. Instead, it threatens the most vulnerable of our post-secondary institutions: the small, faith-based universities."

    This excerpt from Father Raymond de Souza's piece in the National Post is of great importance to those who care about religious freedom in Canada. Read Father de Souza's article here.