It quickly became evident that the central issue was "what God is doing."

People in Asia and North Africa were asking Christians to start schools. God's people in the Middle East and Eastern Europe found that home schools and day care centers were becoming burgeoning schools for which they were unprepared. International schools in Central Asia were grappling with the challenge of representing Christ in a cross-cultural, academic environment.

In countries where doors are closing to traditional types of missionary work, doors are opening for educational initiatives. In many places that reject Western religion, politics, and ways of life, there is, nonetheless, a great desire for Western education even though it has its roots in a Biblical worldview.

International schools can introduce living examples of Jesus' love and Christian thinking almost anywhere. National schools can be strengthened by teachers who are prepared to share their insights and experience.

Around the world, education is increasingly viewed by all levels of society as the answer to global problems. The direction of the future is being shaped by teachers in their classrooms. 2000 years ago, Jesus said the children and youth of the world will be like their teachers...but who will be their teachers? (Luke 6:40). Now God is "pushing" His children into contact with people who were prepared to listen to teachers, even if church pastors are not yet welcome.

What is happening isn't part of some human strategic plan; it is definitely a "God-thing."

What a privilege He has given us to be "intentionally involved" in the exciting things He is doing, instead of being oblivious or resistant!

We can prepare answers for seeking people (1 Peter 3:15) and share the abundance God has given us while learning more about the great God who invites us to be co-workers with Him (2 Corinthians 6:1).

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