1. How am I a witness for God?
  2. How are God’s mercy and justice related?
  3. How aware should I be of culture?
  4. How can art express my beliefs?
  5. How can art express our relationship with God and creation?
  6. How can I be a good caretaker?
  7. How can I be a wise steward?
  8. How can I bring change?
  9. How can I care for God’s creation?
  10. How can I care for my body?
  11. How can I care for sound?
  12. How can I communicate the truth in love?
  13. How can I depict the Christian faith?
  14. How can I maintain my body as God’s temple?
  15. How can I make healthy decisions?
  16. How can I relate to the target culture?
  17. How can I bridge cultural differences?
  18. How can I repair relationships?
  19. How can I serve God and others?
  20. How can I solve the problem?
  21. How can I use _____ (subject/topic) wrongly?
  22. How can I use a Biblical perspective?
  23. How can I use math to serve others?
  24. How can I use mathematical habits of mind?
  25. How can I use music?
  26. How can I use my creativity?
  27. How can I use my gifts and learning?
  28. How can I use the Bible to guide my life?
  29. How can I work with others?
  30. How can learning a language change me?
  31. How can math help me learn about God and creation?
  32. How can music help me learn about God and creation?
  33. How can religion undermine God’s work?
  34. How can use math to make sense of God’s world?
  35. How can we praise God through music?
  36. How can we see God’s creative power in creation?
  37. How do authors help me see truth?
  38. How do I balance head and heart?
  39. How do cultures affect/reflect worldviews?
  40. How do I balance needs and caretaking?
  41. How do I learn, live and serve with others?
  42. How do I live out my convictions?
  43. How do others help us see?
  44. How do patterns help you make sense of God’s world?
  45. How do we know?
  46. How do we know God cares?
  47. How do we use language?
  48. How do worldviews affect life?
  49. How does ___ (subject/topic) help me develop as a person?
  50. How does ___ (subject/topic) help me serve others?
  51. How does a belief system influence a point of view?
  52. How does belief affect design?
  53. How does culture affect who I become?
  54. How does evil work in our lives?
  55. How does God show sovereignty?
  56. How does God show us who He is?
  57. How does God speak to us?
  58. How does God use ordinary people to do His work?
  59. How does God want me to carry on His work?
  60. How does God want me to live?
  61. How does God want me to view others?
  62. How does God work?
  63. How does God’s Word help me see?
  64. How does nature reveal God?
  65. How has culture shaped me?
  66. How I can reflect God’s glory?
  67. How important is this?
  68. How is Jesus the purpose of my life and learning?
  69. How shall we then live?
  70. How should Christians apply truth and justice?
  71. How should Christians live in a world filled with suffering?
  72. How should Christians respond to bias?
  73. How should Christians use wealth and power?
  74. How should I deal with injustice?
  75. How should I live?
  76. How should I respond to competition?
  77. How should I respond to God?
  78. How should I use resources?
  79. How should we live in God’s world?
  80. How tolerant can a community be?
  81. How will I achieve the “good”?
  82. What does being a disciple of Jesus mean?
  83. What does it mean to be human?
  84. What does it mean to lead a meaningful life?
  85. What does Jesus’ life mean to me?
  86. What if?
  87. What’s my problem?
  88. What’s my responsibility?
  89. What’s the significance of words?
  90. What’s the solution?
  91. What’s wrong with the world?
  92. What makes good music good?
  93. What makes us who we are?
  94. What’s true?
  95. Where do I belong?
  96. Who am I?
  97. Who is God?
  98. Who is my neighbor?
  99. Why breathe?


© Michael B. Essenburg 2006
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