Through Christian education, we want students to develop a Christ-centered worldview. One way to do this is to have students connect what they study and what the Bible teaches.

To help their students make connections, teachers at Christian Academy in Japan document in their curriculum maps the Biblical teaching their students will connect with course content/skills.

Here are sample Biblical principles you can teach your students:

Elementary school (K-5):

  • All truth is God's truth (Acts 17.16, Rom. 1.19-20 and 2.14-16, Ps. 19.1-6).
  • God cares about people from all nations (Mark 16.15, John3.16, Gen.12.13).
  • God created an orderly world for us to live in (Col. 1.17, Psalm 147.4, Luke 12.7).
  • God created food for us because He cares for us (Gen. 1.29-30, 1.11-12, Exodus 16.12, 16, 20, Matt. 15.29-35).
  • God created this world; God provides a variety of foods at different times for us (Gen. 1.11-13, 1.29, 8.22; Psalm 104.13-16, 19).
  • God wants us to seek to get along with others (Matt. 7.12, 2 Tim. 2.5).
  • We praise God through music (Ps. 69.30).

Middle school (6-8):

  • Be content with what God provides (1 Tim. 6.6-10, Pro. 30.7-9, Phil. 4.12-13).
  • Creation is God's artwork (Gen. 1, John 1.3, Col. 1.16-17).
  • God expects His people to obey Him (I Sam. 15.22, Mic. 6.8, Rom. 2.13).
  • Impact the world for Christ by using your gift (Eph. 4.1, 11-13).
  • Possessions are temporary (Pro. 23.4-5, Matt. 6.19-34, Eccles. 4.6).
  • Respect whatever praiseworthy (Phil. 4.8).
  • We need to use our time wisely to reap rewards (1 Pet. 3.8-9).

High school (9-12):

  • All people have responsibilities to steward God’s creation (Gen. 1.26).
  • Because the Bible tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves, we must seek the good of anyone it is within ourpower to help (Lev. 19.18, Mt. 22.39, Mark 12.31, Luke10.27, Rom.13.9, Gal. 5.14, Jas. 2.8).
  • Blessings come from following God’s plan for family (Eph. 5.22-6.4, Ex. 20.12).
  • God calls us to join him in His work of restoration (Mic. 6.8, Isa. 1.17, Jer. 22.16, Hosea 6.6, and note: Matt. 23.23).
  • God is sovereign (Gen. 12.2, Isa 25.8, Isa 61.1).
  • Magnify the Lord (Isa. 9.1-7, Luke 1.46-55).
  • Our bodies are God's, and to be used by and for him (Rom. 12.1, 1 Cor. 6.13-20, 1 Cor. 10.31, Phil. 1.20).

Teach your students a Biblical principle. Then have them connect the Biblical principle to course content/skills. Do this today.

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