God has made all things for a purpose. Now let’s see few examples from biology—the living science.

  1. Our body is made up of cells. Different cells have different functions in our body, as well as in plant bodies.
  2. Red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of the body. They do not have a nucleus, mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum so they can adopt the optimum shape for absorption of oxygen.
  3. We have many different kinds of flowers and different kinds of plants. They never mix with each other because for a particular style there is a particular pollen tube.
  4. Plants show economy when fruit is formed after pollination and fertilization; all the other floral parts like sepals, petals, stamen, stigma and style are shed off.
  5. God has made fruit’s colorful, sweet and juicy so that we eat them and help in dispersal of seeds.
  6. Flowers have nectar, sweet smell and beautiful colours to attract insects for pollination.
  7. Seeds contain very little food in themselves, but it is sufficient for a seed to grow into seedlings. After that they can make their own food.
  8. Radicles grow towards gravity to fix the plant in ground and absorb water. Plumules grow towards sunlight so they can prepare food by photosynthesis.
  9. Immature fruits are green in colour so that they can be hidden among the leaves.
  10. Leaves are arranged in such a way that each and every leaf gets sunlight to prepare food.
  11. Light falls on the upper surface of the leaves so more chlorophyll is found on the upper surface of the leaves.
  12. All animals and plants are adapted to their mode of life e.g. hollow bones, wings in birds, gills, fins in fish.
  13. God has provided us a very strong defence system so that we can fight diseases.
  14. When blood comes out from a cut, it gets clotted, but when blood is in blood vessels it never clots because of the presence of heparin.
  15. We have binocular vision so that we can see the correct depth and distance of objects.
  16. Those organs which are very important for the body are two in numbers e.g. kidney, eye, oviduct, etc.

God has made us in His image, but we could not understand this and did things which are not acceptable in His eyes. So He allows many diseases by germs like bacteria and viruses. And yet it is so wonderful that these disease-causing germs produce antibodies in our body to fight against that particular disease. We must fear God who made us so wonderfully.

At last I way to say that all things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful—the Lord made them all.

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