Key questions


How many? How many parts, factors, aspects? Are all measurements/assessments accurate?


How big? What are the relative positions? What is the scope of each factor? Is the solution/response/answer/coverage adequate in range and detail? Are all aspects properly connected?


How fast? What is the relative motion? What factors (content or processes) are (need to be) constant in the situation? Which are (can be allowed to be) variable, changing?


How reactive? Is there an effective (non-polluting, sustainable) use of natural resources? Are all aspects well balanced?


How productive? Is there a fruitful/health-generating relationship with living things?


How stimulating? Is the work emotionally fulfilling, or draining? Are the stresses destructive or maturing?


How creative? Are initiative and imagination encouraged and trained? Are the developments culturally appropriate and useful? Too much specialization, or too much integration (monopoly)? Is there enough decentralization (subsidiarity)? Too much uniformity, or too much diversity? Too large scale (or too complex, too sophisticated, too demanding on resources & infra-structure), or too small scale (too simplistic)?


How pleasing/delightful? What is the implicit message/agenda? Does it have a challenging allusiveness?


How clear? What languages/symbols are in use? Is there fluent, open communication?


How intelligible? Is there (internal and external) consistency?


How sociable? What communities are present? Are cooperation and service encouraged?


How valuable? Is it affordable, cost-effective, stewardly? Is generosity called for?


How just? Is it fair to all involved? Can the action, or decision, be justified? Is there under-, or over-regulation?

(loving care)

How moral? Is it loving, careful, merciful, safe? Are promises being kept or broken?


How trustworthy? To what do we give ultimate allegiance? What do we hold to be certain? Are we being true to our beliefs? What commitments (worldviews/ideologies) are at stake?

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