Harold 4 smallBorn in Vancouver, Canada, Harold Klassen has a broad educational background. He earned a Bachelor of Religious Education from Canadian Bible College in 1970, followed by a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Physics and teaching certification from Simon Fraser University in 1975. In 2003, Harold earned a Masters of Science in Education from Philadelphia Bible University.

After teaching two years in a public school in Canada, Harold joined the staff of Black Forest Academy, a school for missionariesʼ children in Germany. He taught chemistry, physics, math, Bible, and computer science during his years in the classroom from 1977 to 1998. He was also the High School Principal for six years, the schoolʼs librarian for seven years, and responsible for operations for a year.

Harold was the Business Manager for the German branch of Janz Team from 1998 to 2000. After that, he served as Assistant to the International Director of Janz Team while taking a leadership role in staff development. Harold continues to serve with the mission since it changed its name to TeachBeyond in 2009. He has taught seminars to equip teachers in almost 20 countries including Romania, Poland, China, Malaysia, Canada, Germany, Indonesia and India.

Harold’s background played an integral role in shaping his vision for Christian education. As a student in a public university, he found that the pedagogy he was learning wasnʼt congruent with his personal understanding of the nature of man. He resolved to uncover Godʼs purposes and principles for Christian teachers.

While at Black Forest Academy, Harold delved into the philosophy of distinctively Christian education and began to implement those principles in the classroom. His passion for the subject led him to develop a theoretical framework, which he began to share with other educators who keenly felt the need for God-centered teaching.

Today, Harold continues to assist teachers around the world as they use their classrooms to shape the thinking of new generations of students. His mission is to equip them to teach their students that all of life and learning is related to Christ and the Bible. Harold pursues this goal through speaking and writing, and youʼll find much of his materials available on this website. It is the culmination of several decades of personal study, experience, and a genuine passion for distinctively Christian thinking and teaching.

Contact Harold Klassen
#119 - 33535 King Road
Abbotsford, BC V2S 6Z5
+1 604 217 8212

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