Abram believed the Lord,
And He credited to him as righteousness

Or trusting
In a moment of time
But continuing,
Not ‘being uncertain’
Nor wistful thinking;
Not ‘into the dark leaping’,
Evidence defying
Or reasoning denying;
Nor just to propositions

Christian faith is believing
‘In’, ‘On’, or ‘Upon’
The name of the Son:
All that He stands for,
Who He is,
And what He has done.
So faith, is an attitude
With emotion and reasoning
Own efforts abandoning,
Repenting and turning,
Committing and relying
That Christ died for my sins
A sacrifice atoning,
Reconciling, redeeming,
Justifying and forgiving.
That the Father loving,
Sending His Son
Living and dying and rising.

This faith needs practising
Believers need discipling,
In praying, and learning,
In worship, and praising,
Discerning, and behaving.
Faith works in action and serving,
Being a witness and sharing,
Showing love by caring.
Faith needs exercising
Has optimism, is life affirming,
The mediocre eschewing,
Holds on in suffering,
Full redemption anticipating.

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