You want your students to develop a Christ-centered worldview. Good. You know that one way to do this is to have students respond to Biblical perspective questions.

Question: What questions can you ask?

Answer: Here’s a list of sample questions that teachers at Christian Academy in Japan ask their students:

Elementary school (K-5):

How can you care for others?
How can we see God's creativity in autumn?
How can we serve others through music?
How can you maintain your body as God's temple?
How does math help you learn about God?
How is God's creative power revealed in nature?
Why is order important?

Middle school (6-8):

How can you be a wise steward of your own gift?
How can you use poetry for God's purpose?
How does belief affect art?
How does science impact society?
What does it mean to "obey God"?
What is healthy self-esteem?
What is truth?

High school (9-12):

How can you discern what is best?
How can Photoshop be used ethically?
How should Christians respond redemptively to evil?
What does it mean to be people of justice?
What is good?
What kind of universe do we live in?
Who is your neighbor?

Ask your students a Biblical perspective question. Today.

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