Between the ‘theory’ and the ‘action’;
The ‘claims’ and the ‘concrete’;
Between ‘Profession’ and ‘Practice’;
‘Sunday’ and ‘Monday’ service;
Eschewing a false dualism
Between the ‘sacred’ and ‘secular’.

I walk up the stairs
Into corporate expectations
A different set of values.
I become intensely immersed
Into Company considerations,
So easily crowding out You.

Think about the Big Story.
I am Creator and Redeemer.
You are made in My image.
‘Redeem’ your work creatively
With all My excellency,
With a servant heart.

How do I redeem my work?
So much is repetitive and routine.
How can I relate my Christian values
Legitimately to the work place
Closing the yawning space
Between ‘private’ and ‘public’?

‘Working’ is part of My ‘image’.
In what you do, see it is ‘good’.
Be creative and energetic,
Faithful and trustworthy.
You make a witness in a way
By what you ‘do’ and what you ‘say’.

In providing a home and food,
In working for family’s good
In using your talent and skill,
In contributing to the culture
You are ‘having dominion’
Serving and doing My will still.

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