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Articles to help relate all of life and learning to God and the Bible




Stories can be very effective in communicating key concepts even in a hostile environment. Jesus told parables that could be understood and applied in many ways depending on the condition of the hearer's heart. The Christian teacher would do well to collect stories that can illustrate and motivate. History and biography are particularly useful since they allow important voices from the past to state their conclusions about life rather than the teacher.  

Classroom teachers have the opportunity/responsibility to minister every day to the the children and young people in their classrooms by what they teach, how they teach, and who they are as representatives of Jesus.

Articles by Michael B. Essenburg

Parents have the possibility/responsibility to teach their children no matter what kind of school the children attend.

Our intentional involvement in what God is doing to draw people to Himself and make them like Jesus through education.

Forming the framework of what education should be.