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Christians as Teachers: What Might It Look Like?

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Title:      Christians as Teachers: What Might It Look Like?
Categories:      Christ-in education
BookID:      145
Authors:      Geoff Beech
ISBN-10(13):      9781498229463
Publisher:      Wipf and Stock
Publication date:      2015-12-04
Number of pages:      188
Language:      English
Price:      16.11 USD
Rating:      0 
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Product Description
How does teaching Christianly differ from other forms of teaching? How might a Christian teach, in a biblical way, some commonplace set of facts from a mandated secular curriculum? This book considers what a biblical approach to teaching may involve as it emerges from a biblically grounded life and what that might look like in the classroom. Rather than speaking of integration of faith and learning, it starts from a foundation of Christ, the Truth and Lord of all, and moves to the development of a framework for classroom practice that includes a need to try to see things from God's perspective. All truly Christian education is seen, therefore, as a profoundly biblical pursuit leading to the revelation of God. To do this, the book explores the underlying theology and principles out of which our education should flow. These principles then allow us to examine such areas as the consideration of a Christian way to teach subjects such as geography and mathematics, or even what might be distinctive about the way a Christian teacher may do something as mundane as picking up a pencil.

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