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Walking with God in the Classroom

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Title:      Walking with God in the Classroom
Categories:      Christ-in education
BookID:      76
Authors:      Harro Van Brummelen
ISBN-10(13):      1886319049
Publisher:      Alta Vista College Press
Publication date:      1988
Number of pages:      0
Language:      English
Price:      69.94 USD
Rating:      0 
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Walking with God in the Classroom presents a comprehensive view of teaching and learning. It discusses common views of teaching and describes a Christian alternative. It also develops a model of learning based on a Biblical view of the person. The author shows that knowledgge cannot be value-free and must lead to commitment and service. He uses this to show how Christian teachers can plan their day-to-day programs. The book gives many suggestions and examples for topics such as classroom atmosphere, discipline, and student evaluations.

The book is of interest to practising and prospective Christian teachers. It may be used as a textbook in college education courses, or as a discussion guide for groups of teachers in, for instance, Christian schools.”






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