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What Do You Learn in School?

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Title:      What Do You Learn in School?
Categories:      Biblical Integration
BookID:      67
Authors:      Brian Watts
ISBN-10(13):      8889127058
Publisher:      Destiny Image Europe
Publication date:      2005-02
Number of pages:      176
Language:      English
Price:      12.99 USD
Rating:      0 
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Product Description
While public schools ingrain students with a secular worldview, Christian education should teach our children to think from a biblical worldview. This calls for a radical change in the way we approach curriculum. We must stop drawing from the world’s curriculum and make the Bible our true foundation. Brian Watts provides insightful guidance regarding how to create a truly biblical curriculum
so that our children will be equipped for a life of service and be able to view the world through the lens of God’s Word.

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