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Mathematics in a Postmodern Age: A Christian Perspective

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Title:      Mathematics in a Postmodern Age: A Christian Perspective
Categories:      Biblical Integration
BookID:      35
Authors:      Russell Howell
ISBN-10(13):      0802849105
Publisher:      Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Publication date:      2001-05-01
Number of pages:      408
Language:      English
Price:      24.56 USD
Rating:      0 
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“…serious attempt to investigate possible relationships between mathematics and the Christian faith” that is especially suitable for mathematicians

Product Description
The discipline of mathematics has not been spared the sweeping critique of postmodernism. Is mathematical theory true for all time, or are mathematical constructs in fact fallible? This fascinating book examines the tensions that have arisen between modern and postmodern views of mathematics, explores alternative theories of mathematical truth, explains why the issues are important, and shows how a Christian perspective makes a difference. Contributors: W. James Bradley William Dembski Russell W. Howell Calvin Jongsma David Klanderman Christopher Menzel Glen VanBrummelen Scott VanderStoep Michael Veatch Paul Zwier

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