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Transformational education: a framework for Christian teaching

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Title:      Transformational education: a framework for Christian teaching
Categories:      Transformational education
BookID:      160
Authors:      Harry Burggraaf
ISBN-10(13):      9780646906348
Publisher:      Mount Evelyn Christian School
Publication date:      2014
Number of pages:      169
Language:      Not specified
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Transformational Education demonstrates that the medium is indeed the message. The artistic and spacious layout speaks of an education that is rich and holistic. It embodies the truth that authentic Christian education engages the head, heart and hand. This book is a stark contrast to the obsession with measurement and comparison and the national productivity agenda. Here is a book that celebrates learning in the light of the gospel - exploring and enjoying God's world; a book that honours the giftedness of all students; and points to a hope of individual and cosmic transformation.

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