• Corruption in the church is not new. I think of the priests who operated houses of prostitution in Geneva, in the 1500's.

    The people ran the bishop out of town in 1530. William Farel, a French evangelist, came in 1531. His co-worker, Antoine Froment cried in the markeplace, "We must reform the church in order to reform the nation!"

    Farel sought John Calvin, demanding he come to Geneva to apply the theology he was writing about. Calvin came at the age of 27, and rebuilt this broken city on three essentials:

  • "…to raise the profile of teaching as a Christian vocation and to demonstrate that there is a distinctively Christian but inclusive contribution to education”

  • Christian Overman's blog (June 6, 2011) contains a very interesting video about the value of physical work. Did you know that the Hebrew word for work and worship are the same—avodah?

  • I found this video very helpful in expressing the importance of seeing every kind of work as "ministry." It was featured in the newsletter from Christian Overman, Worldview Matters, December 11, 2009

  • The classroom of a Christian teacher is to be a place of ministry, not a door to ministry. God hasn't given us jobs to support ministry, but jobs to do ministry. Our work is not intended to be a distraction from the "important stuff" that we do in our leisure time. The time we spend with the Body of Christ in the place where the His church meets in our community is not the focus of His plan. That time is intended to prepare us for the work that we do with all the other people in all the other places in the "normal" world. Sometimes it seems that we spend all our time studying the statistics of our Sunday practices while ignoring the results of the week-long games.

    Teaching, learning, and administrating are all workplaces ministries that can and should develop in classrooms and schools as well as homes, Sunday Schools, and churches. Studying any aspect ofall that Christ made (Colossians 1:16) is an opportunity to see something of God in what He has made (Romans 1:20). Ignoring the truth He's clearly communicating isn't an expression of tolerance but a distorting of reality that ends in bondage and deception instead of freedom. Christian teachers have a unique opportunity and huge responsibility as their life and words shape the thinking of each new generation whether in a national or private, secularized or Christianized school.

    I have been strongly challenged and influenced by the thinking of Mark Greene from the London Institute of Contemorary Christianity. I'd recommend considering what he has to say about A Vision for Workplace Ministry.

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