• By Keith B. Miller and Ruth Douglas Miller in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, Volume 60, Number 2, pg. 115-117.

    It was over ten years ago that we wrote of our thoughts on "taking the road less traveled" of a vocational calling in the sciences, and particularly within the secular academy.1 We have been asked to reflect again on our experience in staying on that road. The perspective that we emphasized then, and continue to see as foundational, is that of understanding our work as scientists/engineers as an inseparable part of Christian stewardship. We see stewardship as more than just a responsibility to use our resources wisely—we see it as a worldview that encompasses all of life.
  • "…the more the created universe unfolds its marvelous symmetries and harmonies to our scientific inquiries, the more it is bound to fulfill its role as a theater which reflects the glory of the Creator and resounds to his praise"

    Thomas F. Torrance

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