Public schools

  • “we encourage, equip, and empower Christian educators to effectively walk out their calling in their [public] schools”

  • “Released-Time Christian Education – a time during the school day when students are released from school to study Bible at off-school campus locations&requo;

  • "...responsável pelo funcionamento da disciplina de Educação Moral e Religiosa Evangélica (EMRE) nas escolas públicas portuguesas do continente e regiões Autónomas (Madeira e Açores)."

  • Our commission "is to serve and support schools, to help pupils consider, value and respect their own and other's beliefs, and to explore a living, Christian faith."

  • ”Support & community for Christian teachers”

  • Education is an essential sphere of human life. Through it, we prepare for the marketplace, become better citizens, develop skills and competences, and form our character. Although education may not always fulfill these goals efficiently or coherently, it is nonetheless vital to the Christian faith. But in what sense can education be “Christian”?