Missional Christ-in education

  • “…a network of Christian schools with a vision of ‘Bringing hope to people through education and community development’…”

  • “Serving at risk children: a program that delivers hope where there once was poverty and a dim future, an education that meets children literally where they are at, a staff that wants nothing more than to educate and share about Jesus”

  • “…seeks to cultivate minds and hearts that love God, their neighbor, and all that is true, good, and beautiful”

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    What is Christ's real mission for the Church? Is it not to impact culture by driving back the darkness and depravity of sin with the hope and power and revelation of the gospel? Is it not to bring to every broken life the transformation and healing made possible through Jesus' name and the work of the Spirit? …"There is no place of greater opportunity to impact lives and culture for Christ than through schools."

  • "Discover and inquire about mission opportunities offered from 63 organizations"

  • "Serving education at home and overseas...senior volunteer network"

  • "…a faith-based, non-profit organization which brings people, resources and ideas together for common, sustainable and life-changing objectives."

  • Teachers are needed

    • 100s of millions have no school teachers at all.
    • “Everyone” is unsatisfied with minimal formal education because education is seen as the only hope for a better future, especially if it includes English.
    • Billions are taught by teachers who believe in false gods, no god, an irrelevant god, or a god that is only interested in a small part of life.
    • Millions of Christian children and youth are becoming like their dedicated, gifted, but godless teachers whose lives communicate that meaning and success in life can be achieved without Christ.

    Teachers make a difference

    Imagine a country where a third of all children are enrolled in schools where they are taught to relate their faith to all of life. Thousands of small schools provide free education, free lodging and free food to poor children for whom there is no hope within the public system. Well-funded flagship schools provide opportunities for large numbers to be well-trained as leaders in their communities and nation. Image the difference such a system makes as foreign believers commit their resources to help needy people. Lives are eternally impacted by teachers who share their understanding of God’s nature and ways.

    Could it ever happen? Is it possible in this secularized world to imagine such a powerful system to impact people? It is happening today in the madrasas (religious schools) of Pakistan and the Middle East as a whole generation of children and young people are taught the Koran and the principles of Islam, and they are changing the political landscape of the world.

    1500 years ago missionary teachers transformed Western civilization as Irish monks taught Europe the Scriptures as central to understanding everything.

    In the past two centuries Christian teachers have been instrumental in opening whole nations to the Gospel by shaping the thinking of leaders.

    The world needs teachers who have been transformed by their relationship to God so that they can be used by Him in transforming students who in turn will become the transformers of their world.

    Transforming Teachers

    Many doubt the relevance of Christ because Christians have only talked about the Bible and allowed anyone else to teach everything else. Teachers are needed who understand that personally knowing the Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer is essential to understanding His world. God and His Word must be connected to our study of God’s world. Lives will be transformed when God is acknowledged as central to all aspects of life here and now, as well as in eternity.

    All Christian teachers everywhere including parents, pastors, children and youth workers need to be involved. Because so many have learned from their teachers to ignore Christ in their classrooms, teachers need help to become the kind of transforming teachers that will prepare by example and instruction the leaders of tomorrow.

    Jesus told us to make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey everything He has commanded… so who isn’t called to be a teacher?

    Our Vision

    Children and young people of the world relating all of life and learning to Christ and the Bible—just like their teachers.

    Our Mission

    Mobilizing and equipping teachers around the world who are called by Christ, committed to discipleship, and competent to integrate everything they teach with the truth of God’s Word—Great Commission teachers planting tomorrow’s churches today.

  • What would your church and pastor do if the superintendent of your local public school district walked in and said, “We want to turn the leadership of our public schools over to your church. You can teach anything you think is necessary to provide children a quality education. By the way, the government will fully fund the schools.” How would your church leadership team respond? You may be thinking that will never happen, but in some places in America, it is essentially happening.

  • Missional Christian education (mCe) is our intentional involvement in what God is doing to draw people to Himself through education. We created the term in 2005 to describe some unique situations that demanded our response. Our definition came a bit later as we reflected on what is happening.

  • If the Bible is irrelevant to the most important things taught in school, then it will certainly be irrelevant to the most important things outside of school, too. This is the devilish outcome of dualism. In the end, we all lose.

    Is it any wonder the biblical foundations for law, civil government, economics and family that once provided accepted harbor lights for our society have been replaced? The incessant move toward the secularization of education and the privatization of Christianity has been enormously successful, being expedited greatly through elementary and secondary schools.

    Is it any wonder our youth are disinterested in church today, since Christianity is deemed irrelevant to the majority of their waking hours?

  • "Worldview changes everything" is the website of Dr. David McDonald who "believes that the Bible must be the foundation for flourishing nations."

  • “…work through indigenous organizations, helping them to develop sustainable Christian schools where they are needed most”

  • 在我们的社会中,学者、老师和助教老师身处变革的第一线。一些强大的力量正在影响着我们的孩子和青年。媒体和市场在争夺孩子和青年的注意力,也在抓住每一 个机会来塑造他们的感觉和决定。家长、同伴以及社会团体在不同且相冲突的方向上“抢夺”着他们。而在这其中,面对对自身角色各种不同的期望——这些期望甚 至是相冲突的,教育者深处挣扎之中。他们被期望能够帮助学生在不同中找到意义,对此做出合适的回应并为未来的不确定性做好准备。

  • Harold Klassen


  • Harold Klassen


    基督教学校运动浪潮 优势 劣势
    1. “爱邻舍” 关注他人 二分主义
    2. 门徒训练 圣经的整合 关注“我们”
    3. 宣教性















    基督来,不仅只是为了死。祂曾与我们一样住在这个被罪玷污的世界中,祂来是要给我们盼望,那就是靠着上帝的大能我们能在此时此刻并且在永恒中过那圣洁的生活。他来是要告诉我们敬虔可以在家庭中、在学校里、在木制工艺品店铺里活出来,就如同在某个特殊的事工中一样。祂也期望我们活出同样的这种整全的生活方式,即我们甘心愿意将自己的“所是”和“所做”的方方面面完全降服在上帝美好的旨意中。如果能有这样一所学校,在那里孩子们能够自然地回应 神,并且能够学习如何将自己的学业与上帝祂自己和祂的话语联系起来;在那里不断在基督里成长的老师们可以和那些刚刚在基督里开始新生命的孩子分享他们的见证;在那里藉着在学校中每一天师生的互动而不是老师站在讲台上单向地向学生教导理论上的知识,基督的门徒得以一天天被塑造。我想世上没有比像这样的学校更好的地方了。



    我们需要回顾我们对于教育的理解以及表述。如果主内学校以及装备好的基督徒老师是带着这样的观点——即教育为福音预工、引人归主以及门徒培训提供背景和内容——引人(无论是个体还是群体)进入关系中。那我们必须避免一种倾向,即我们可以通过教育引人归主,使之成为 神家里的一员。唯有上帝的圣灵才可以使人得新生命。我们唯有完全地依赖上帝至高大能的工作,并且也需要这样行出来。我们必须确保我们不是靠着我们自己的力量成全那“上帝所动的善工”。长成“满有基督的身量”——即使上帝有时会使用祂的孩子来彰显何为这样的身量,来鼓励他人朝着这样的身量努力——但是最终这是上帝的“善工”!



    其次是教导, 其非常容易“煽动”我们那存于堕落后本性中的期待——即知道是非就能使我们更像神。更多的时候,知识产生骄傲而非谦卑,因为在我们的有限中我们认为我们所知道的那一点就是一切,我们就是神。上帝创造了整个宇宙来启示祂自己,为得是使凡看见祂所造之物的每个人都能知道祂的永能和神性。我们越多地来研究祂所造的世界,我们就可以越好的认识祂。然而,当我们忽视或拒绝上帝时,我们所看到的仅是自己。我们与上帝的分离会反映在我们与宇宙、他人、甚至是自己的分离中。因此,知识是不够的。





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