Transforming Teachers - Mathematics

  • ACMS - Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences

    “…a network of Christian mathematicians dedicated to integrating mathematics with faith and to promoting quality teaching”

  • an accidental blog - Mathematics

    Steve Bishop has a LOT of interesting material on mathematics with links to more resources on God & Math: Thinking Christianly about math education about math education and a great bibliography for a Christian approach to mathematics.

  • Beacon Media

    “…provides Christian Education resources for all levels of the Christian school…from an integrated perspective”

  • Biblical Christian World View: Mathematical Circles

    James Nickel writes short essays “with the goal of unveiling the vistas and power of mathematics as seen through Biblical Christian eyes”

  • Biblical perspectives of mathematics

    Biblical integration of curriculum—interpreting the Biblical perspective of mathematics

  • Bibliography for a Christian approach to mathematics

    an accidental blog by Steve Bishop, 2011-12-29

  • Charis Project

    “…curriculum…to promote the spiritual and moral development of students…for teachers of English, French, German, Mathematics and Science”

  • Christian Perspective: Biblical Math

    Resources from a Christian perspective (i.e., a biblical worldview), collected by Katherine Loop

  • Do you hate math, too?

    By Jason D. VanBilliard, PBU Today, Spring 2007, p. 7-8

    "What is acceptable risk?  Is mathematical knowledge objective?  Did God design a mathematical standard for beauty?"

    After a decade of teaching mathematics, I think I have developed a gracious response to statements like, "Math? I was never good at that..."
  • God & Math: Thinking Christianly about math education

    “Resources for integrating faith and mathematics”

  • Infinity

    By Robert Haraway III at LeadershipU

    Whoever trusts in nothing but the material not only doesn’t trust in the universal witness of the church, but also doesn’t trust in calculus, upon which modern technology is based, and on which mathematicians and physicists the world around take for granted.
  • Kuyers Mathematics Online

    Kuyers Mathematics is…a fresh approach to mathematics, designed to be both interesting and applicable to the world we live in. It integrates a Christian approach, using mathematics to think about and better understand God, his creation, and our place and calling in the world.
  • Math connections with the Biblical worldview

    By Christian Overman and Don Johnson

    "Does a Biblical worldview shape a person's view of what is 'really real' about math?" This is a non-exhaustive list of ways that mathematics "connects" with the Biblical concepts of God, creation, mankind, moral order and purpose.
  • Mathematical Circles

    By James Nickel at Biblical Christian World View

    "In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Howard Eves (1911-2004), professor of mathematics at University of Maine, wrote a series of books entitled "In Mathematical Circles." He used the division of a circle into 360 degrees to write 360 short essays exposing the variegated beauties, history, people, humor, and applications of mathematics." James Nickel follows "the same structure with the goal of unveiling the vistas and power of mathematics as seen through Biblical Christian eyes."
  • Mathematics

  • Mathematics and Christian Faith

    “Discussions that treat various aspects of mathematics, computer science, and related fields from a Christian perspective"

  • Mathematics: Always important, never enough

    By Dr. Calvin Jongsma, Professor of Mathematics at Dordt College

    "A Christian perspective on mathematics and mathematics education" 
  • Novare Science & Math

    Science and math textbooks that emphasize mastery, integration and kingdom perspective to improve education and increase student achievement.
  • Teaching mathematics from a Christian perspective

    By James Bradley, ACSI World Report, 4th Quarter 2007

    Tom voiced his frustrations. “I want to integrate my Christian faith with my mathematics teaching, but it’s hard. I start my classes with prayer, and I try to develop God-honoring relationships with my students. But the content I teach day to day is no different than it would be if I taught in a secular school. My efforts to bring my faith into the mathematics content of my courses always feel superficial to me. At best, I’m using mathematical concepts as metaphors for spiritual truths. Besides, I’m getting a lot of pressure from my school board and principal to teach from a more explicitly Christian perspective. I don’t know what to do.
  • The Christian Mathematician: Devotions for You and Your Students

     Devotions by Dr. Sharon Robbert of Trinity Christian College that “would be instances where the mathematics we were studying reflected God”

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