Transforming Teachers - Conferences

  • Anchorsaway

    “…college-level Christian worldview education experience targeting high school juniors and seniors and college students” with the goal that students “walk passionately, think Christianly, and love others unconditionally, to the glory of God”

  • Christlicher Pädagogentag

    "Ein Ermutigungstreffen für Lehrerinnen und Lehrer in Baden-Württemberg"

  • ECCEN 2018 - European Conference for Christian Education in the Netherlands

    “…organise conferences for school leaders and teachers in Christian Schools across Europe, drawing together different cultures, nationalities and professions within Christian education”

  • KSI - Kingdom School Institute

    “…training Christian school leaders in how to build a Kingdom school based on the biblical philosophy of Kingdom Education”

  • SCS - Strengthening Christian Schools

    “…to connect passionate Christian educators for the purpose of sharing resources, ideas and expertise so that schools can better meet their missions”