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  • To grow an apple tree, we plant a seed, not a cup of applesauce. The seed has within it a new tree; applesauce is the derivative product from the fruit of the mature tree.

    To grow a worldview, we plant the correct biblical principles: the seed of the idea, not the product of the mature idea.

    We err in our ‘orchards’ when we believe that teaching our children what they should think permanently impacts their worldview. We must train them how to think by equipping them with the tools with which to reason for themselves—the seed thoughts of all thoughts—the principles.

    The sad fact is, the secular culture around us displaces our heritage of Christian principles with secular principles. It's time to re-sow the eternal, absolute, unchanging biblical principles of natural and moral law in the education of our children, every day, in every subject, in every way.

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  • "Uniting home, church, & school in Jesus Christ” by promoting “the education of children toward a Biblical worldview by providing information, training, fellowship and avenues of influence for pastors, educational leaders and God’s people”

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    What is Christ's real mission for the Church? Is it not to impact culture by driving back the darkness and depravity of sin with the hope and power and revelation of the gospel? Is it not to bring to every broken life the transformation and healing made possible through Jesus' name and the work of the Spirit? …"There is no place of greater opportunity to impact lives and culture for Christ than through schools."

  • We believe that the pervasive presence of technology in our lives justifies a careful examination as Christians seek to appraise all things according to the mind of Christ. Biblical-mindedness requires of us the wisdom to understand how the texts of Scripture speak to the issues of the day.

  • "…partnering with Christian schools and families from around the world to provide an academically rigorous online program that fosters a biblical worldview"

  • "…trains Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christianity and classical Christian values in the public square"

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  • The book that made your worldBy Harold Klassen

    Wishal Mangalwadi has written three books about the impact the Bible has had on the modern world including his home country of India.

    1. The Book that made your world: How the Bible created the soul of Western civilization
    2. This Book changed everything: The Bible’s amazing impact on our world
    3. The legacy of William Carey: A model for the transformation of a culture

    The insights into history, language, literature, science, and technology helped reshape my understanding of these important subjects as I saw in new ways the transforming power of the truth of God's word.

  • If I have been asked this question once, I have been asked it hundreds of times. It is asked most often after I have presented information about how dangerous secular education is to our children’s and grandchildren’s future.

    Why are Christian parents, pastors and church leaders unwilling to address the issue of education biblically?

    Having been asked this so many times and trying to prayerfully answer it, I have come to the conclusion that the main reason this isn’t happening is DUALISM! This is a term that I first read about in the late Dr. Albert Greene’s book, Recapturing the Future of Christian Education.

  • Many history teachers focus almost exclusively on rehearsing the past, forcing students to learn about names, dates, and key events. Lazy engagement with the past is the reason many students do not care much for history; they have never been properly introduced.

  • "... a global family of Christian school communities pursing a philosophy and system of education called the University-Model"

  • Getting a Biblical worldview isn’t as simple as reading a book or going to a seminar. Our personal worldview or life auto-pilot, is programmed by all that we experience. Both our nature and nurture shape the way that we function in the world with personal choices strongly affecting the relative influences of all the different inputs. Our family, culture and language play a huge role in creating patterns of thinking and behaving that are subconscious but profoundly powerful. Instruction can quickly change what we know, but worldview changes are much slower.

    Changing the way we do something as “simple” as  demonstrates how difficult it is to ”change your mind.”

    When we are thinking about a topic, we may be fully convinced that what the Bible says about the topic is completely true. Unfortunately, we often find ourselves in situation where we have to react quickly without thinking very deeply and it is at that point that our worldview determines the kind of decision we’ll make. Fortunately, God’s children have the Holy Spirit living within to help them remember what they have learned. Also, other members of the Body of Christ should form a learning community to encourage and remind us what we’ve been taught so that, with practise, the conscious decisions to act according to what the Bible says become part of our experience and our personal worldview is transformed to be more like God’s view of reality revealed in the Bible.

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  • “…a Christian organization dedicated to helping children grow to think and to live in agreement with a biblical worldview on a daily basis and implement a biblical worldview in their daily life”

  • "Worldview changes everything" is the website of Dr. David McDonald who "believes that the Bible must be the foundation for flourishing nations."

  • Activities, sample plans and a resource list to supplement the material in An approach to worldview integration

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