A response to Richard Dawkins, River Out Of Eden: A Darwinian View Of Life

Are we ‘nothing but’ survival machines
Robot vehicles blindly programmed
To preserve the selfish molecules known as genes?
Do we animals exist for their preservation?
Richard Dawkins speaks without reservation:
"We are nothing more than throw away
Survival machines. The world of the gene let me say
Is one of savage competition
Deceit and ruthless exploitation."

Does this inexorably lead humanity to fall
Into the devil’s doctrine, ‘the weakest should go to the wall?
A polluted stream with the misdeeds of atheism
Rather than the so-called ‘memes’ of theism.
It’s only one step into the swirling current of materialism
To the murky water of Hitler, Pol Pot, and Stalinism.
Thank God for Nietzsche’s ‘one great curse…intrinsic depravity’
Christ’s example and teaching, and its universality!

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