The Devil acts like he owns the place, but he does not. He never created anything. He only distorts and destroys what God has made. In Luke 4:5-6, when Satan offered Jesus “all the kingdoms of the world” in exchange for worshipping him, was this a legitimate offer? Has the Devil ever made a legitimate offer? The gall is appalling.

God has made all things for a purpose. Now let’s see few examples from biology—the living science.

  1. Our body is made up of cells. Different cells have different functions in our body, as well as in plant bodies.
  2. Red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of the body. They do not have a nucleus, mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum so they can adopt the optimum shape for absorption of oxygen.

I’m excited that my 5th grade science students can connect course content to Biblical teaching, resulting in them making healthy choices. In an essay at the end of a recent health unit, students wrote things like, “I learned that…if you're not spiritually healthy, it will affect your physical health.”

I'm excited about the way kids were able to see something as simple as Play Station affects their lives and hearts, that technology has positive and negative impacts. During the presentations, one student said, "It's important to be content, rather than wanting the latest technology." Another student said as she demonstrated her blood sugar tester, "Without this device, I would't be alive… The Bible says we are not to murder, which means we are to protect life. This device protects lives."
It was over ten years ago that we wrote of our thoughts on "taking the road less traveled" of a vocational calling in the sciences, and particularly within the secular academy.1 We have been asked to reflect again on our experience in staying on that road. The perspective that we emphasized then, and continue to see as foundational, is that of understanding our work as scientists/engineers as an inseparable part of Christian stewardship. We see stewardship as more than just a responsibility to use our resources wisely—we see it as a worldview that encompasses all of life.