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Title:      Agenda for Educational Change
BookID:      92
Authors:      John Shortt
ISBN-10(13):      0851114490
Publisher:      Apollos
Number of pages:      224
Language:      English
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“Agenda for Educational Change will interest all who have a concern for the interaction between the theory of education and the religious dimension of life. It arises out of an international consultation which took place at Stapleford House Education Centre.

The book identifies and addresses educational issues that are of key significance for the next decade—issues that reverberate across the world:

  • The challenge of educational change
  • Liberalism, pluralism and education
  • Education and the whole person
  • Rethinking curriculum and the schooling paradigm
  • Constructive dialogue for common ground

Underpinning the discussion is a considered and far-reaching response to contemporary theories of knowledge and faith, essential to any forward-looking education enterprise.”